MasterHand Phonics

“The future of our nation depends upon our ability to create and be creative. During the coming decades our most valuable national asset will be human resources. If our nation is to continue to meet the challenges of the future, today’s schools need to develop creative leaders.”
– The American Association of School Administrators.

The MasterHand Integrated Phonics Programme offers parents a one-stop solution to their child’s reading development while focusing on the discipline of ‘synthetic’ phonics. The course is taught in a workshop format and uses music and movement and engaging learning materials to support learners mastery of blending in a way that seeks to compliment and expand upon what is already taught in school.

Each workshop equips the learner with skills to become fluent readers and confident communicators of English Language by the time they reach P1 level. The programme includes student workbooks for each level and is carefully structured to provide a system of review and repetition in phonics sounds and an effective application model in reading and speaking. The course will move from articulation of oral phonics sounds, to application in storybook reading and finally expression through dramatic literature and drama.