English Speech & Drama

“The future of our nation depends upon our ability to create and be creative. During the coming decades our most valuable national asset will be human resources. If our nation is to continue to meet the challenges of the future, today’s schools need to develop creative leaders.”
– The American Association of School Administrators.

(K1 – P6/ Duration : 1 Year/ Term/ Holidays)

The MasterHand English Department offers a wide range of specialised enrichment workshops and integrated language programmes from Preschool to adults and teacher training, tailored to meet the needs of students and schools in Singapore and overseas.

Our programmes are conducted throughout the year during school terms and holidays. While our workshops differ in their focus in areas such as reading, writing, listening, and speaking; the central aim of our department is to help the learner master English Language progressively. Students will work through multiple application channels and in turn learn to write effectively and communicate with expression and confidence.

Teachers and specialist instructors are trained in the international standard of English speaking and have unique skills in teaching through drama, music, creative arts, puppetry, and dramatic literature. Such innovative and exploratory teaching methods ensure highly interactive and dynamic lessons.

For further details about our programmes, regarding availability, prices and syllabus please fill out the enquiry form on the contact us page and our consultants will be in touch with you directly.

“Drama Also Spurs Imagination, Insight, Reflection, And Self-Knowledge.”

MasterHand has that aim in mind when it comes to English Speech and Drama. We offer an array of thematic workshops for students of various levels from Nursery to Primary 6, which can be conducted as a year programme or can coincide with school terms or semesters. Take a peak at our portfolio posters and picture gallery below and enjoy a whirlwind tour of the English Speech and Drama team in a number of kindergartens and schools.

MasterHand English Speech and Drama is a fun-filled, multi-sensory adventure programme, developed through extensive teacher experimentation and collaboration over the past few years. Each programme incorporates a unique mixture of drama, puppetry, music and literary elements as well as art and craft reinforcement activities. In each session, students are transported into an imaginative literature -based setting through a dynamic engagement of their senses and a mature exploration of themes, plot and characterisation.

Individuals are encouraged to acquire teamwork and problem solving skills in a highly disciplined environment and to evaluate important moral issues in the world around them. A certificate of participation will be issued to those students who complete the course and master the drama skills and can be used by parents to help promote their child to top schools.