Chinese Speech Drama

“The future of our nation depends upon our ability to create and be creative. During the coming decades our most valuable national asset will be human resources. If our nation is to continue to meet the challenges of the future, today’s schools need to develop creative leaders.”
– The American Association of School Administrators.

The MasterHand Chinese Speech and Drama Programme is designed to build students’ vocabulary in Chinese through a creative interpretation of popular stories. With an exciting integration of musical percussion and storytelling, students are certain to be engaged and passionate about Chinese Language learning. Our programme encompasses diverse activities to engage our learners, and is structured such that learners are able to apply all aspects of Chinese language learning such as reading, listening and comprehension to boost their overall acquisition. The lessons are paced with progressive difficulty to ensure that learners are well-enriched. Native Chinese teachers ensure greater precision of the learners pronunciation and intonation of Chinese.

For K1 to Primary 6

Our Chinese Speech & Drama classes are conducted with interesting themes. Children are trained to express themselves through the senses, body movement and oral exercises.

Physical and oral training techniques help cultivate a keen sense of observation, imagination and creativity. Teachers will also encourage learners to apply sentences to real life situations so students can communicate and cooperate with others, both inside the classroom and in their daily life outside.

Through a progressive and dynamic method, Children will gain a greater appreciation and passion for Chinese language.