About Us

MasterHand Learning Asia Pacific LLP is a dynamic one-stop learning hub for language enrichment; offering diverse educational services and holistic language programmes from preschool to adult education, inline with an international curriculum.

As we believe that language enrichment is the key to empowering global citizens; the central focus of our teaching is to help individuals master and apply effective communication and leadership skills in the global community.

We are pleased to offer native teachers from the PRC, UK, France, the United States, and Japan, and a wide array of activity workshops, integrated bilingual programmes and overseas educational experiences.

Founder of MasterHand Learning

Our Mission

‘Empower Global Communities’ through dynamic communication and leadership.


Our philosophy is based on a shared belief that each individual has a valuable contribution to make in the world. But, given the growing pluralism of cultures and languages in today’s globalised community, we understand that finding a place and choosing the right path can be tricky. We aim to help young individuals overcome the challenges and competitiveness of bilingual industries, by providing access to quality language enrichment and building creative and flexible communicators.

At MasterHand Learning Asia Pacific LLP, our team of language specialists are passionate about giving a helping hand to children and adults alike. Through innovative teaching strategies, creative and explorative learning experiences, combined with an environment that nurtures and encourages, we instill in individuals a resilient attitude to excel in their academic pursuits and in the global community beyond.

MasterHand Learning Asia Pacific LLP is a proud recipient of the Singapore Quality Brands Award, ‘a mark of excellence’ in education innovation, awarded in 2013-2014.